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Learn faster work smarter – Full Course – PRE-ORDER


• Everyone wants to know what the magic pill is for unlocking your memory to learn faster and retain more information. There isn’t one!

• Everyone learns differently, at different rates, and in different ways, but everyone has the same capability for learning.

• No-one’s brain is more or less capable of learning and understanding than another person’s. The brain learns by building connections between neurones (special cells that are in the brain) and making an effort is the only thing that is required to learn, in any subject.





This course will enable you to learn, read and remember anything in half the time, with access to invaluable learning techniques used by experts in music, theater, film, maths, science and many more disciplines. You’ll be learning how to unlock your super brain to be able to retain what you learn and take information in at a faster rate.

The course duration is approximately 150 hours and upon completion you will receive a certificate.

Course Modules

♦ Module 1: Unpacking Your Mind

♦ Module 2: The Science of Memory

♦ Module 3: Getting Onboard to Learn

♦ Module 4: Becoming a Competent Learner

♦ Module 5: Smart Brain Exercises

♦ Module 6: Learning through Mind-Mapping

♦ Module 7: Putting Learning into Practice

♦ Module 8: Key Principles and Techniques for Learning