Lets start by facing facts...

Can you relate to any of these statements?

♦ Stuck in a job (for any reason) that you don’t like/hate?
♦ You have got your hard-earned degree/qualification but you are still doing the same minimum wage or retail jobs you were doing in sixth form/university. In fact, jobs you are over qualified for?
♦ Is your confidence and self-esteem low due to a toxic workplace making you feel emotionally or physically drained?
♦ Are you more bothered by other people’s opinion than you should be?
♦ You know what is stopping you from going after that promotion. You know you should enhance your skillset, but feel too overwhelmed to embark on anything else at the moment.
♦ You have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in your current position, but the lack of a professional qualification prevents you from leaving to seek promotion and a higher salary.
♦ See better opportunities ahead but too comfortable where you are to entertain thoughts of making changes.
♦ What about the frustration of seeing someone higher up the ladder than you, who is earning more than you, but actually know less about the job than you?

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There are many more scenarios I could add to the list, but with your heart sinking lower the further down the list you go, I will bring you the good news....

The following nuggets....

Start the journey to your destination…

♦ Something looks hard because you haven’t done it yet.  Remember learning to ride your bike or drive a car?
♦ Anyone of average intelligence can learn anything once taught or trained.
♦ Do not let imagination create pitfalls.  This can lead to inaction or hesitation.
♦ Make a conscious effort not to prejudge anyone or anything – I found this nugget surprisingly liberating.
♦ Take care not to take on board what others think of you.
♦ Don’t take what someone thinks of someone or something else as gospel.
♦ We see things through different lenses.
♦ There are still kind people in this world.
♦ When the light comes on, there is never a bogeyman in the corner.

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Study at your own pace

What I hope you will achieve from these courses...

I feel that your interest in one of these courses signifies that you already have a healthy enough awareness to know that you need to make necessary changes, and may have already made up your mind to do what it takes to move on up.

I hope you understand that it is not difficult to learn. Perhaps what you need now is for someone to tap you on your shoulder and as you turn around, there will be a finger pointing to your desired destination. I hope that for those who need to, will regain lost self-esteem and confidence, both of which are crucial for happiness and success.

The content is easy to understand and applicable to all, with an expansive range of topics and situations.


I have been where you are now.  After much procrastination and uncertainty, I decided that I had nothing to lose, but much to gain.  I took a leap of faith.


When I started out,  did I think I would create a course?  You guessed correctly.   No.  Words cannot describe how far off the radar the possibility was.  It was only when I arrived at my destination and looked back, that it felt exhilarating.  I can’t imagine what I would trade that experience for.


There is nothing to dread.  There is nothing to fear.



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